Master of Arts in Acting; studied marketing, journalism, photography.

 Focused on photography as a way of showing human condition and identity. 

 Portrait, reportage and documentary are most honest form of observing people for me, yet conceptual vision is a way of exploring human nature too.


• freelance  - from 2020 

• RE:VIEW  media house - from 2019

• Heads Advertising agency - 2018



• Honourable Mention in People Category in 3rd edition of MonoVisions Photography Awards - 2019

• Honourable Mention in photo competition organised on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Żeromski Specialist Hospital in Kraków -2019

• 3rd place in "PORTRET PRAWDZIWY " competition



• Collective exhibition  "Galeria Bezdomna" organised by Tomek Sikora, Forum Przestrzenie, Kraków, Poland,2014

• Collective  exhibition in SLOW FASHION CAFE, Kraków, Poland, 2020

• Collective exhibition - NO BORDERS PHOTO AWARD  - travelling open air exhibition (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Hungary) - 2021-2022

•Collective exhibition "SOLIDARNI"- Gdańsk, Warszawa, Chełm -Poland - 2022

•Collective exhibition in BULVARY, Wrocław, Poland, 2023



•ZIMOWISKO - poetry-photo book- poems by Agata Puwalska - 2019

•COEXISTENCE.Polish-Czech Photography Meetups catalog -2021

•MÓJ FYRTEL - PIX.HOUSE gallery workshop zine - 2021

•DOCU Magazine - Vol2, Issue 9 - cover - 2021


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